No Creativity, No Gucci

Franois Henri Pinault believes that cloud Group brands need to introduce more young designers to keep pace with the changing preferences of young consumers, “the key is to be creative, this is our bet, relying on history and quality is not able to impress them, the younger generation has a strong demand for personalized.”

The annual Vogue Fashion Festival was held in Paris, France, and the luxury brand is one of the most important issues in the event. In a speech at the event, Franois Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of Gucci group, said that when the millennial consumers choose luxury brands, creativity has surpassed the quality of history and products, becoming the primary factor for them to consider.

In the short span of three years, Franois Henri Pinault recognized Alessandro Michele, Anthony Vaccarello and Demna Gvasalia as the creative director of Gucci, Saint and Gvasalia, and received positive responses in the millennial generation of consumers.

Franois Henri Pinault stressed that a new generation of designer is no longer limited to product design in every quarter, in charge of the creative product at the same time, attention should also be paid to the fashion show, marketing and digital media channels of creativity, can maximize keep young consumers fresh.

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