Gucci Established Research Center

Open Cloud group Gucci announced and Italy Bocconi University (Bocconi University) reached a strategic cooperation, and the establishment of a three year Gucci Research Lab.

The Gucci research laboratory by a laboratory supervisor and 4 Bocconi university professors, mainly studies the evolution of business “in twenty-first Century”.

The theme sounds a bit big. Specifically, the research focuses on the industry in the luxury industry, focusing on the changes of the industry in the digital age, starting from the mental models of the emerging companies, employee empowerment, risk taking, decision-making speed and process flexibility.

That is to say, the research is focused on corporate culture and soft skills. Each year a research report on a subject is presented to the stakeholders and is issued to the public.

“Big companies or small companies can learn from research results,” Gucci’s CEO Marco Bizzarri said in its statement. “Nowadays, the culture of a company is more competitive than ever before, becoming a differentiating factor of competitive advantage”.

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