A Chinese Woman Boss made her debut in Gucci blockbuster

Michaera, who frequented the “Hangzhou restaurant”, was also deeply attracted by Zhou Fenxia’s charm. So she invited her to play the theme image blockbuster of Rome Rhapsody.

It sounds like a motivational story of a plain man in a Gucci advertising blockbuster, as if it was full of luck. But in fact, Gucci’s selection of Zhou Fenxia is inseparable from her personal experience.

Zhou Fenxia was born in China and lived in Italy for more than 20 years. Her experience reflects Rome’s long history of urban multicultural integration.

Most of this is not a professional model, but a screenwriter, an interior designer, a movie producer, a wine culture protector… But their careers and shapes reflect the characteristics of cultural integration and breaking the routine.

This group of photographers, Mick Rock, is a typical representative of the regular, uncommon road.

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