Gucci was investigated for tax evasion

It is understood that Gucci is currently the global luxury industry vane, belonging to the French luxury group to open the cloud. As of the three quarter at the end of September, Gucci recorded a 49.4% organic sales growth than in the two quarter of 39.4% to further speed, far higher than the market forecast of 30% and 17% over the same period last year; revenue reached 1 billion 553 million 800 thousand euros, accounting for 40% of the group’s overall revenue.

It is undeniable that the unique creativity of creative director Alessandro Michele and the excellent marketing management led by CEO Marco Bizzarri have made Gucci brilliant again for a whole two years, and there is no sign of cooling down.

In the sales soared at the same time, Gucci’s profitability is rising at the end of June, the first half of the fiscal year ended, Italy brand continued operating business operating profit rose 69% to 907 million 300 thousand euros, 536 million 900 thousand euros for the same period in 2016.

Benefiting from strong sales promotion and maintaining full price sales, Gucci2016’s first year growth from continuing business profits has been recorded for the first time in three years, and the increase is as high as 21.7% to 1 billion 256 million 300 thousand euros, compared with 1 billion 32 million 300 thousand euros in 2015. Gucci profits accounted for 1 billion 936 million euros of the group’s luxury sector from 64.8% of its operating operating profit, as well as 66.6% of the group. Because of the strong recovery in Gucci accounted for over half of the profit ratio, but also to promote the 2016 Kering SA cloud group’s overall operating profit from continuing operations in 2016 14.5% double-digit gains in 2015 compared to 1 billion 646 million 700 thousand euros, the luxury segment in 2016 from continuing operations of business profits also has 13.3% double-digit gains over the same period last year to 1 billion 708 million euros the business profit margin of 15.2%, up sharply 100 basis points.

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