Gucci is alleged to be suspected of tax evasion

According to an anonymous source told the Reuters, Italy Milan procuratorate suspected Gucci by tax structure in a more favorable state tax to evade taxes, the financial departments of the state in the days before the crime of Gucci Milan, Florence headquarters to conduct an investigation.

In this regard, Gucci announced that the brand is providing comprehensive cooperation to the relevant departments and is confident of the transparency of its own operations. Gucci now belongs to the French luxury group Kai Yun, and has gradually restored its leading position in the luxury industry in Italy in recent years. Its sales have increased by more than 45% over the past three quarters this year.

The concern is that in the past few years, the global economic crisis has caused the luxury industry downturn, the tax bureau of all luxury goods giant tax evasion crackdown has strengthened, in addition to Gucci, LVMH group and Valentino, Bvlgari and Dolce &Gabbana and other luxury brands have also suspected of tax evasion and avoidance. Among them, concealed income, transfer of enterprise group’s assets and the tax evasion of shell companies to become luxury goods group the most commonly used means of tax avoidance.

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