Gucci plans to operate its own e-commerce platform

On Monday, the French luxury goods giant Kering SA (KER.PA) Open Cloud group has named the first digital expert, served as EBay Inc. (Gr gory Boutt French executives joined Gucci in December 4th Gucci parent company chief digital officer and chief customer officer.

Two sources said that the French group is currently preparing for the preparation of the electricity supplier into the self run business. It does not rule out that the future will include all brands of the group, even the brand of the competitors. In a statement, Kering SA cloud group said that Gr gory Boutt will lead the group’s digital transformation, is also responsible for the group’s e-commerce, CRM and the number of management work. Gr gory Boutt also joined the Group Executive Committee, he will show its significant role to the group general manager Jean-Fran OIS Palus report?. Gr gory Boutt is 45 years old and graduated from famous universities ESCP Europe management, occupation career started in the retail industry “Whampoa  military academy” Procter&Gamble Co. (NYSE:PG) P&G Procter & gamble then transferred to the technology industry, join start-ups iBazar, accompanied by iBazar in 2001 by EBay Inc. and eBay acquisition joined the electricity supplier giant has become the general manager of France in 2007, he was promoted to Germany, except outside the UK EBay Inc. European general manager.

Before opening the first appointment of digital expert cloud group, its biggest competitor LVMH Mo? T Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (MC.PA) LVMH group in 2015 hired Ian Rogers to join the group responsible for the digital. In June 6th this year, LVMH SE launched the first 8 years of a multi brand luxury e-commerce website – 24 S vres is Ian Rogers’s work, the Apple Inc. (NYSE:APPL) former senior director of the music business Apple Corp is currently the world’s largest luxury goods group to help promote the digital business. is a Le e-commerce platform Bon March Department LVMH SE group, the English and French to 75 countries and regions of the consumers to sell 150 brands, including LVMH SE brands accounted for 20-30, Gucci also includes Gucci, Prada Prada and Valentino Valentino and other competitors. At the beginning of the line on the website in women’s clothing and beauty products, 68 brands will provide exclusive products.

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