Gucci will carry out multicultural programs

In April 4, 2017, Florence – Florence boutique brand Gucci is pleased to announce that it will work with the Uffizi Gallery and the Florence municipal co launched a multi cultural projects, and held its 2018 series of early spring fashion show in Florence the Pitti para Tina Gallery in May 29th, is the Pitti Palace of the historic building to become the first fashion show.

The cultural project called “Primavera di Boboli”, also known as the Boboli gardens in the spring, by the Department of cultural heritage, the activities of the Department and the Ministry of Tourism Co sponsored and funded by the Florence municipal authorities, together with the Uffizi Gallery, designed to repair and improve the Boboli gardens, leaving a legacy for future generations.

Gucci and the Uffizi Gallery to reach an agreement, the project sponsor of Euro 2 million in three years. The 33 hectare Bobo garden is a unique green space, including sculptures, buildings, landscapes and plants. The history of the Bobo garden can be traced back to the late sixteenth Century. In its unique ecosystem, it includes plants and flowers transplanted to Tuscany from the rest of the world centuries ago.

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