No Creativity, No Gucci

Franois Henri Pinault believes that cloud Group brands need to introduce more young designers to keep pace with the changing preferences of young consumers, “the key is to be creative, this is our bet, relying on history and quality is not able to impress them, the younger generation has a strong demand for personalized.” TheContinue reading

Gucci Established Research Center

Open Cloud group Gucci announced and Italy Bocconi University (Bocconi University) reached a strategic cooperation, and the establishment of a three year Gucci Research Lab. The Gucci research laboratory by a laboratory supervisor and 4 Bocconi university professors, mainly studies the evolution of business “in twenty-first Century”. The theme sounds a bit big. Specifically, theContinue reading

Gucci is involved in tax investigation

According to a report from the Reuters published on Saturday shows that the Italy tax police (specialized in financial crime case of national police force) in a week of Italy luxury brand Gucci is located in Milan and Florence Office of financial research, sources pointed out that the investigation from Milan prosecutors suspect Gucci suspectedContinue reading

GUCCI 2018 early spring show

Since Alessandro Michele was the director of Gucci, there was a site selection for each season except for the design of each season. No, the 18 early spring vacation series has been moved to Italy palace recently — Palazzo Pitti. After reading, my heart has gone to Florence to talk about a renaissance love. TheContinue reading